Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend craftiness: part 1

We've had a long weekend here with lots of rain, perfect for a couple of craft projects...

I've noticed lately some groovy machine stitched brooches around made from several layers of fabrics and have been looking forward to making one myself. So I thought it might be a nice project to do with the kids. They seem to like playing around with bits of fabric (wonder where they get that from!) and I always find it interesting to see what they put together without the preconceived notions of what works and what doesn't that we adults have.

My big girl decided to make a flower shape. She chose denim as the base and I machine sewed it to the circle beneath. She then hand stitched a couple of circles and a button on. I used the hot glue gun to stick on the small spots she'd chosen to sit on each of the petals.

I then stitched a safety pin onto the back and it was done.

She quickly had an idea for another brooch... She traced a circle onto felt, cut it out and asked me to stitch it onto a backing fabric. I had fun doing this little spiral...

And she then started sewing on a selection of buttons that she'd taken time choosing from my button stash.

Then we finished it off with a backing piece of felt to hide all the stitching and a safety pin.

It was great seeing her sense of achievement and her unique design ideas.
Yep, I think she's getting indoctrinated into the crafty life!

Thank you for all of your kind words and support about my mother guilt and anxiety in my last post - it helps to hear I'm not alone


  1. It's fabulous!
    My Mum was wearing a similar brooch today that cost her a fortune.

  2. Gee thanks Kate, I'll have to pass your compliment on to the big girl - she'll be chuffed ;-)

  3. awwww gorgeous... reminds me when I was little and doing lots of hand sewing! Very cute little broochs!


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