Friday, June 24, 2011

Blogiversary giveaway

It was my 'blogiversary' recently (well, last month, but who's counting!). I wanted to thank you all for your comments, kind words and encouragement over the past year. I love my little space here and you make it so much more fun and rewarding.

1. kids messenger bag 2. felt heart garland 3. kids initial cushion

To celebrate the year and thank you for joining me I thought I'd do a giveaway and tailor it to what you would like. And you'll also be helping me to stash bust!

4. fabric belt 5. zip purse 6. baby slippers

- - - - - You can choose your favourite 3 items from the pictures here. They might be things you'd like for your littlies, a gift for a friend, or just for you... Once I have a winner I will make your items using fabric from my stash. You can either have them made in the same fabric as in the picture (providing I happen to still have some), or tell me some of your favourite colours and I'll choose the fabrics to coordinate, or leave it up to me to choose - - - - -

There will also be a 2nd prize mystery giveaway!

7. pocket tissue holder 8. wrist cuff 9. jersey scarf

To enter: Leave me a comment listing your 3 favourite items from the pictures. Remember to add your email address if I can't access it from your comment.

10. Toddler cap (size up to about 4 years) 11. book bag 12. kids wrist cuff

I'll leave the giveaway open until next Friday (1st July), when I'll get one of my littlies to choose a number from a hat and announce it. Then I'll get making your goodies and post them to you.

Good luck and thanks again :-)


  1. What a lovely lot of goodies here :) I especially love the felt garland, the toddler cap and jersey scarf.

  2. That's so generous! My three favourites are the jersey scarf, the heart garland and the book bag. Thank you in anticipation! Come on littlies, choose "2"!!!!

  3. Happy "Blogiversary" to you :)

    I love reading your blog and seeing all the creative things you do!
    Thanks a lot for this generous give away -
    my favourites are: 1, 10, 11

    sunny greetings from Spain,

  4. I like the heart garland, fabric belt and book bag the best. Your blog is great - happy blogiversary. XX

  5. Firstly...
    Yay! I'm only a fairly recent follower of your blog, but I really enjoy it, and I love your work.

    WOW. What a generous giveaway!
    I love everything, but would choose the tissue holder, the jersey scarf and the fabric belt... all in shades of red or orange.

    Thankyou X

  6. What an excellent prize! I'm a new subscriber, but I love what you make. I came over during shirt week and then just *had* to get a copy of Simplicity 3835. Keep up the good, inspiring work!

  7. Kathy said.. Happy Anniversary, great prize. I choose the Kids Messenger Bag, Jersey Scarf and Toddlers Cap, thanks again for the help getting Simplicity 3835.

  8. Happy blogaversary - very sweet of you to be sharing the lurve. I love the messenger bag, the tissue holder and the jersey scarf.

  9. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Jo! I like the jersey scarf, the kid's messenger bag and the initial pillow. What great ideas!

  10. Happy Blogiversary! I love the messenger bag, fabric belt and baby slippers! Now i have to go and check out what Simplicity 3835 is?!
    Charley :)

  11. Happy Blogiversary to you.
    I found your blog when I was on the hunt for Simplicity 3835, and am currently cutting out to make myself one!
    All your stuff is gorgeous but if I had to choose it would be 5, 9 and 11. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for me.

  12. Congratulations. You know you are the inspiration behind my own blog. I'd still be procrastinating!

    I like the tissue holder, zip purse and felt garland. Because I've never made any of them myself but admire the handmade ones I see ;)

  13. Oh it has to be 1, 3 and 12 ... tough to choose though you have so many lovely things up for grabs!!

    Thank you for your lovely comment the other day, take care, Sarah x

    p.s. off to look at your Egg Free baking .. :)

  14. Happy happy blogiversary Jo... Love your blog... :)
    Such a fantastic giveaway, so many gorgeous things to choose from... ummm... ummm I'll go for 5, 6 and 7!

    Good luck to everyone!

  15. How 'bout that. A year, hey? Happy blogaversary. You know I'm your biggest fan, and I'm so glad you're still here. For me, I'd choose 1 and 5 and 6. Don't put me in the draw though, just promise me you'll put the messenger bag in your amazing forthcoming sewing pattern book. Deal? xx

  16. Jo, you have a beautiful blog, and this is a gorgeous and generous giveaway. My favourite items are 2, 4 and 9....but a tough call, everything you have on offer is beautiful. Congrats on a year of blogging, may you have many more! Hugs from London :)

  17. Congratulations, beautiful makes! I was directed over here by inner pickle. Actually 'directed' sounds a little harsh, tempted perhaps... Anyway, glad I was! My favs are 1,3 & 9. Off to check out the rest of you blog now.

  18. Hi Jo, I love checking in on your bloggy world every few days. I love your craftiness, food and glimpses into family life. I am also a SAHM to 3 littlies and I am in total awe of you awesome blogging Mums!

    Happy Blogiversary and thanks for the lovely giveaway. I would choose the jersey scarf, the zip purse and the fabric belt... all for me :).... wouldn't want the kidlets getting cranky and jealous over some missing out LOL


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