Monday, November 8, 2010


The school fete that I have been sewing for was on the weekend, and I must say I'm glad to be finished with that project and on to others! It rained heavily on the day, which was a shame, but hopefully they still raised a good amount of money overall.

I packed up my contributions to the craft stall on Friday to give to the coordinator. I ended up with a couple of teddy bears, some baby slippers, a few headbands in school uniform fabric, some adult wrist cuffs and some kids wrist cuffs. I forgot to photograph everything but kept aside the kids cuffs pictured above and below. My big girl had been asking me to make her one after seeing mine, so I made her one in a bright cotton print and added embellishments in ribbon and felt, backed it in a re-purposed pink velour (from an old skirt of mine) and put a velcro closing on for ease of use by little fingers.

She very sweetly took it to 'show and tell' at school last week which resulted in her classmates wanting one. My little marketing manager in training! So at least I knew the kids cuffs would be popular.

So... on to other projects now. My head is extremely scrambled with all I would like to do and make between now and Christmas, as happens every year. I think some serious list making is in order, then a talk with myself about expectations and what is possible!!

Hope you had a great weekend and your list is not too full :-)

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  1. hi jo! had such a lovely trip back from the mail box today thank you!! love my cuff admiring it on my wrist whilst i type.. and am just about to go & pick up my big girl who i know will LOVE hers! thank you for thinking of her too.. So happy with the little teddy you made for me too. Just gorgeous.


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