Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dresses for little girls... or not

I think I jinxed myself recently by thinking "Gee it's great how kids just love everything you sew for them. I should just sew for kids in future, it's so satisfying!"

Rewind to late last week when I made my big girl a popover dress. As her summer wardrobe is very small I'd promised I'd make her some dresses. She was delighted with the denim and cotton combo and wanted to wear it immediately, even though I hadn't finished the hem or put the pockets on.

The little girl pipes up and says "Where's my dress?", so in true generation X parenting style I don't want to disappoint her and stay up late that night making her one too. Feeling satisfied with myself I show it to her in the morning. With much less excitement than her sister showed she eventually tries it on, then takes it off after 5 minutes...

I finish all the details like the pockets the next day, and the little girl declares that she will never wear hers again...

So her feet in this pic are probably as close as she will get to it again, I think it's destined for the bag we keep for our little younger friend who we pass things on to.

Luckily the big girl knows how to play her mum and cuddles me and says "I love everything you make me mum". She'll go far...


  1. NO! Feels familiar: odds on the dinner I spent the longest thinking about, shopping for and preparing, both kids will screw their noses up at. Hard yards!

  2. The dresses are gorgeous and your girls sound gorgeous too! (Glad I'm not the only with a child her refuses to wear mama's creations)>

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