Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend craftiness

The weekend's just been.. lets not talk about the chaotic house, ignored housework, the sibling arguments and tantrums, that's no fun. Let's talk weekend crafting...

We did some stamp making (good tutorial here) and printing with this fantastic chalky white ink onto kraft paper...

to make some wrapping paper and gift tags for xmas (trying not to do everything at the last minute again this year)

And used some rainbow wool for finger pom pom practice. Always fun. I'm dreaming of using snowy white soft wool to make small perfect pom poms to adorn presents wrapped with the above.

And also I guess in the creative field, though not strictly craft, making some mango frozen yoghurt, using homemade vanilla yoghurt and following Fi's recipe.


  1. Aww, what great fun! Your stamps look amazing, I have been wanting to try and make poms, they look so fun and that frozen mango goodness looks amazing!

  2. Oh, I think I have to make some stamps as well. These are great.

  3. Jo, where did you find those great tags? xx

  4. Thanks girls, the stamps were lots of fun to do, although the 5 yr old was under strict instructions to "be neat!!" and "don't do any crazy stuff!", so probably wasn't so much fun for her - more of a mummy craft if you're trying to achieve something even and neat!

    The tags are from Spotlight in the paper craft section and the brand is Fundamentals. I'd had visions of just getting those cheap brown tags but these were more expensive, but they are a heavyish weight stock, so maybe worth it.

  5. Very cute wrapping paper and tags :)


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