Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday goodness

When I get the time I like to bake goodies to have around for the kids to snack on, particularly on the weekends. Anyone with kids will tell you that snack requests are frequent and numerous and it can be quite overwhelming!

So I was making a batch of these anzac cookies today when I walked past some of the Christmas wrapping paper I've been making and thought what a cute paper bag stamp it would make. I decided to make up a little bag of them for my big girl when she finished school. She had a teary morning farewell with the Mr, apparently, so I wanted to greet her at home time with a cuddle and something nice.

I started stamping with this lovely chalky red ink and liked the way it faded out over the 4 prints, rather than re-ink each time. And I think it's the naievity and simplicity that appeal to me.

I'm thinking now that the stamped bags might be a quick way to give a few Christmas treats to friends. Obviously a lovely glass jar would be much more special but this might be a nice casual option.

Have a lovely weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Where could I pick mine up? Your a wonderful Mom to greet your children with a cuddle and a treat! I also really like the look of the stamped paper. The faded look suits me too! Have a great weekend!


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