Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I find there's something extra special about hand making a gift for a friend, I think for the maker as much, if not more than the recipient! I guess because you get to tailor all aspects of the gift for the friend, choosing colours, prints, style etc. Though I'm always a bit nervous about whether I got it right or not.

We had a little celebration for a dear friend's birthday yesterday and I made her a shopping/book bag. I'm getting tired of using those green bags for everything- they're so ugly and functional, so having a few light weight fabric carry-all bags around seems a much nicer alternative. There was also meant to be a little lined zip purse to match but that hasn't eventuated yet.

We made some party food and for her birthday cake we made her initial "L" from lamingtons. It was my first attempt at this Australian icon and I found them fun to make - the dipping and rolling was messy but strangely enjoyable. My big girl then collected some flowers on her way home from school and we decorated the plate. Lots of fun handmade goodness!

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  1. Love the bag - very stylish. I don't think I have ever tried to make lamingtons - I'm afraid of the mess I would make.


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