Friday, August 20, 2010

Bread of the week - seeded rolls

These are great when you realise yesterday's bread isn't fresh enough to send to school with poppet or you need something for lunch. I like to put different seeds on top including poppy seeds, linseeds, nigella seeds (to remind me of turkish pide) and of course sesame seeds.

Preheat your oven to 220c. With well floured hands, break off pieces of dough* about the size of a mandarin. Pull the sides of each piece of dough around to the back to form a smooth surface and flatten a little. Place onto baking paper or floured tray.

Wet the tops slightly with water and sprinkle with your choice of seeds (the water helps the seeds stick). Cut a deep cross into each piece of dough, which will allow it to rise. Let them rest either just while the oven heats or a bit longer if you have time.

Put into the oven on the top shelf on a pizza stone if you have one (see my transfer method in this post). Cook until they are nicely brown all over (10-15 minutes), the last thing you want is doughy centred little rocks :-). Let them cool to finish cooking before breaking open and filling or eat plain with a nice chunk of butter.

Have a lovely bready weekend!

* basic recipe listed on this post

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