Monday, August 30, 2010

Good mail

Normally I hate opening mail. I leave it all for the Mr to deal with (poor sod). All those bills and things that need addressing, not to mention filing. My mental clutter doesn't need adding to! But today was a good mail day.

Firstly I received this lovely cuff from the very talented Kirsty at Kootoyou. Thank you Kirsty, there's no way I could have managed to make one myself - I'd be stuck doing a scarf, let alone this 'broomstick lace'!

And then there was an envelope with several patterns enclosed. I'm still trying to work out where it came from, but it's welcome even so!

I hope you had good mail today too :-)


  1. They look like patterns from The Sydney Magazine! I'll have to check my mail box tomorrow, too!

  2. Oh i'll have to get the robot for Angus. I'm doing the russian dolls by the same lady at the moment for G. What is the 3rd pattern up the back? Can't quite make it out?


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