Friday, August 27, 2010

Public service announcement...

... to fellow non-existent calf muscle sufferers:

Yes, you CAN wear knee-high boots without looking like you're going out to tend the animals.

When you've been cursed with skinny (ie shapeless) calves it's almost impossible to buy knee high boots that fit and don't look like gumboots (or 'wellingtons'). Over the years I have looked in countless shops and searched in vain for something that would fit.

Finally, I recently accepted that the perfect pair were not going to suddenly appear on eBay for $50 and I would just have to bite the bullet and invest in something specific (there goes my thrifting track record of late!)... which is when I stumbled upon the fabulous online shop 'Duo Boots', based in the UK. Their motto is "style is nothing without fit" - so true - and they do many different styles of boots in different calf widths! Genius!

So after saving hard in my Paypal account for a chunk of winter I finally ordered them recently. They are fantastic! And to add to my joy they arrived in 4 days! I can't say enough about how fantastic the service was from Duo, every email was answered quickly, they have a fantastic website with full instructions on getting the right fit and even a little movie of someone walking in the boots to show what they look like on!

So, skinny calved people, fret no more ;-)


  1. Love the boots. Unfortunately, I have the other problem with fit and boots. My calves are very ummm muscley! lol

  2. But they have boots for people with actual calf muscles too. Go on, you know you need one more pair of boots Deb ;-)

  3. I've been browsing at their website too, as I have the "shapely" calves problem. Your boots are really styley, they've inspired me to and have another look.

  4. I'd definitely say go for it Miss Smith, they're really comfy too!

  5. I have the same problem with skinny calves and my legs always look like sticks in boots! thanks for the post Jo - I'm looking at their website now :)

  6. Go for it Ella! I was just wearing mine today, they are so comfy & great. I was excited about cooler weather coming here just so that I could wear them again ;-)


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