Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Crayon recycling

I had my big girl off school sick yesterday and was just wondering what to occupy the girls with (sick, but not bedridden) while baby had his morning sleep. Then good old Playschool did a fun project where they recycled old broken bits of crayon. Anything that has an experimental feel seems to be popular with the kids so I thought we'd try it ourselves.

First you break up any large bits of crayon and put them into a silicon tray. We'd been using this heart shaped mould for ice, and Playschool used a mould with star shapes, any shapes would do I guess.

Then put it into the microwave and set timer to one minute on highest setting. Take out and check how it's going. We needed to cook ours for about 3 minutes all up and each time we checked it we stirred them a little with a skewer to get some interesting swirly patterns.

Put in the freezer til set (about 15 mins) then push out of the mould.

The heart shapes turned out to be perfect for little hands to hold onto and some frenzied scribbling followed.


  1. The crayons look great - would make a nice gift that the kids can make themselves, or to put in party bags. Nice aprons too!


  2. Thanks Alison, great idea to make gifts out of them. I'd love to buy some more silicon trays in different shapes now just to make crayons!


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