Thursday, August 5, 2010

Toddler sing-along

Recently I designed the flyer above for my friend Rebekka's new Toddler Sing-along groups and it was lovely to participate in one of the first groups today.

These days I find myself really enjoying music and singing with the kids. Which seems kind of strange for me as I'd always thought of myself as not particularly musical. BC (before children) I remember being mortified if anyone heard me sing, I thought my voice was that awful. And it possibly was, but these days it doesn't seem to matter so much and I so enjoy singing all the kids songs. And they don't care if I sing off key, well at least not for now they don't :-)

There seems to have been a lot of talk lately in the media and on the streets about parenting and whether it makes us happy or not, and whether mothering is joyful or hard work (see Fi's interesting post 'Motherhood Lark' here). One thought I had was that for me, an unexpected lovely side effect of having children is a greater general enjoyment of music and singing. Seeing their little faces light up when music comes on or we sing is fantastic, and I finally enjoy participating too.

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