Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little boy belt

I had a problem with my little boy. As cute as his little chubby bottom is, I was sick of seeing half of it hanging out of his pants each day. 'Builder's crack' is not as bad on an almost 2 year old as it is on a man, but never-the-less, it had to go. The weather is cold out, people laugh, he was losing his dignity ;-) And I was sick of people constantly telling me "his pants are falling down!". It's hard keep your playground cool with half your bottom exposed!

After looking unsuccessfully for a suitable belt at my favourite kids boutique I suddenly realised I had to make one. Of course looking at a big chain store would be too sensible! Anyway, I thought I'd seen a tutorial on the fabulous Elsie Marley blog and lo, there it was, exactly what I wanted.

I used a scrap of khaki upcycled canvas, a metal ring thing that I'd cut off something previously (I keep all those bits when I'm discarding something) and some snap fasteners. So I got to make something and try out a new gadget, the snap fastener. After a bit of trial and error (more hammer bashing needed) I got the hang of it and loved doing them.

Then I finished off the belt with a tiny bit of decoration in the form of some hand stitching with a thick yellow linen thread. I had bought this recently after a salesperson had told me it was for use in a sewing machine, but then got it home, opened the packet and found printed on the packaging DO NOT USE IN SEWING MACHINE. Damn. I was tempted to try it anyway as I thought it would look make great top stitching but didn't want to risk breaking my old sewing machine. So a little hand stitching it was.

In my head I had pictured a cute photo of the boy toddling along with his cheeky grin, belt on display, but that didn't happen... so here at least is proof of the now covered up bottom.

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Much better! Playground cool has been restored!

  2. What a great little belt... glad he won't have builders crack issues anymore .. ha ha ha :)

  3. Hello,
    Do you sell these??? What a fantastic design. I've been searching desperately for belts for my tiny waisted 4 and 6 year old boys, but the problem is the only ones I can find are so hard for them to open and close easily. I haven't seen anything like yours and it looks so easy for when they're rushing to the toilet...!


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