Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011 - printmaking

Well, it's definitely time to wrap up my look back at 2011 - January is half over today!!

I've always loved block printing, and last year I made and used many stamps. They're so satisfying and quick to do - I'd really urge you to try it if you're looking to try some printmaking and wondering where to start. It's pretty quick and cheap to start up... a trip to the art shop, a couple of free hours to play around and you're on your way. Stamps are useful for making gift cards and decorating all sorts of things.

The thing I'm most excited about from last year though, is learning to screen print (or re-learning - I'm sure I did it at school and uni but that's a loooong time ago! ;-). I'm hoping to experiment more this year.

And I participated in my first print swap this year, which really encouraged me to get going - I'd recommend it for nudging you along if, like me, you sometimes get stuck in your thoughts rather than actually doing it!

I've got a couple of new projects to show you this coming week... enough of 2011!

Hope you're having a nice weekend.

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  1. Yay for print making and screen printing!! Your beets looked gorgeous in the Sweets Workshop window display over Christmas :)

    Love the polymer bead making tutorial.. I so want to have a go at doing that! The bead look fab!

    ps. For some reason I couldn't comment on the polymer post... it would just freeze up???
    Hope you are enjoying the holidays with your little ones :)


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