Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Creative Space - girly dress

It's nice to see Our Creative Spaces back up and running for the year - it's like welcoming an old friend back :-)

Do you remember this fabric that I found late last year? I decided to make another version of Simplicity 3835, not because I really loved the style but because I knew it was a quick sew and just wanted a summer dress!

The style tends to look a bit shapeless on me so I considered putting front waist darts in but then thought I'd probably have to put a zip in, which might make it a bit restrictive to move in and look a bit strange with the elasticated bits so.... I put in a few short rows of shirring (any excuse for a bit of shirring ;-) to give it some shape. There's a bit of a weird pulling going on around the bum area which if I knew properly about sewing I'd probably work out how to fix, but it doesn't bother me too much.

I also added in-seam pockets as we all know how useful pockets are in a dress. They do add to the weird pull of the dress drape though. I think maybe the fabric is too fine to hold them. Ah well, at least they're useful.

Overall the dress is a tad too girly for me (hopefully not 'little girl' looking though - that would be tragic) but if I try to 'rough it up' a bit with accessories etc it's not too bad (any suggestions welcome). I think it might also work layered when the weather turns cooler, if I'm still keen on it then. Ah, I'm so fickle.

- - - -

By the way, is anyone else having problems commenting with Blogger recently? I've had several problems lately, it's driving me nuts. Let me know if you have any problems too and I'll find someone at Blogger to have a whinge to.


  1. Oh I love that fabric and pattern. Really cute! :)

  2. I think it will be great layered too.Love the print and colours.
    I'm also glad to see creative space back - but I am behind on my uploading projects to the computer...

  3. ps .When I had a problem with commenting I had to switch to google chrome and that fixed it.

  4. very sweet - great fabric and love those pockets and shirring. I would be inclined to ham up girly girly factor and put a denim bow over the shirring or a raffia style belt to look like you were a bunch of flowers. Sometimes over the top can be quite satisfying.

  5. Your dress looks great! What a nice idea to add the shirring. Never would have thought of that. Love that fabric!

  6. Hooray... I can finally comment!!! Grrr blogger kept chucking me out of your comments!!

    Love this dress.. it's so pretty and not to girly! I'm sure you will find ways to rough it up a bit :)


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