Saturday, January 7, 2012

A look back at 2011

Hi again, and happy new year!

For my first post of the year I planned to do a little montage of the things I made in 2011 to remind myself of how I spent my creative time and think of what might be nice to attempt this year. However, when I started collecting the images I realised just how many projects I'd done and I started going through a whole range of emotions...

Firstly there was surprise at the shear number of things I'd made. Then I felt pleased that I'd achieved a lot and a bit proud of myself for reaching some of my goals (she says shyly :-)... but then I looked at the shear number again and remembered a friend jokingly saying one day that I must be a bad mother as I was so prolific with my craft that I must neglect my kids. I knew she'd been joking, but there is a lot there - how did I do it? Did the kids get fed, do they remember who I am? ;-) So that emotion was clearly guilt. Then I felt a little sadness that I seemed to need to do so much, all the time!! What did this say about how satisfied or not I was with my everyday life??? What was the reason behind it all?

Anyway, enough over the analysis, I feel OK about it all now, because although I know I do go overboard at times (maybe all the new signs of aging I see in the mirror these days are because I'm not getting enough sleep ;-), being creative is just a huge part of who I am, and as I know I've said here many times before, it keeps me sane. Maybe what I can take away from this, though, is that it's all about balance... a little more balance is in order for 2012.

So... the following few posts will be pics of that crafting mania, organised into loose categories. I haven't linked them back to posts, but if you have any questions about anything, please email me or comment. I get so much inspiration from all of you out there that I'd like to think I could help inspire you too ;-)

OK, first up, by far the largest category, the totally self-indulgent Clothes for me (and why is it that I still feel I have nothing to wear? ;-)

Each new pattern I tried last year taught me new skills and for that I'm grateful. There was a bit of pocket work, shirring and gathering. Simplicity 3835 got a big workout, as did the Shearwater Kaftan and Schoolhouse tunic. All in all, I had lots of fun with them all and got a few really wearable pieces (and a few still needing adjustments).


  1. ah guilt and parenting go hand in hand, I was just thinking that yesterday as I dumped my son in front of the TV so I could get some sewing done... but really what are the alternatives - if there was nothing left for you, for you yourself as a separate person you would either lose your own identity completely and become one of those brittle parents who judges everyone all the time whilst self congratulating continuously - or become very angry and resentful.

    Personally I prefer guilt. Congratulations on modeling excellent self care.

  2. I hear you on all points there Jo, but after trying to fight it for the first couple of years of my children's lives (and being very unhappy as a result) I acknowledged and accepted my Need to be creative and decided that Balance was the key to it all. I'm still working on that's a process!

    It's amazing just how much we all manage to make though the year isn't it - we'll done you!

  3. You have had an amazing year of creating it's so inspiring... no wonder you couldn't fit it all into one post!!!

    hmmmm... I not happy with the guilt factor either but who would we be without our creativity and passion for making handmade!! I think guilt is a small price to pay for a happy mum with happy kids :)

    arggghh... I have nothing to wear either... ha ha ha!!! xxx

  4. Wow, I am just in awe. I am trying to become a little more crafty and did complete a crocheted blanket for my friend's son last year, but sewing is just beyond me! Maybe one day...

    BTW, I hope you don't mind, I added you to the Sustainable Living Linky Lists under the heading Crafty Hand Made - feel free to add yourself under something else if you prefer.


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