Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday photos

loving seeing my middle child (who I thought was not interested in art) exploring her creativity endlessly lately fascinated by macro photography as always, in this case a thistle at the Mr's family farm, and looking forward to using my new camera! happy to finally have the last touches done on our kitchen 4 years on, with a longed-for shelf to hold my 'precious things', and what could be more precious than things by Australia's Dinosaur Designs and Bison, right? :-)

glad be wearing something I finally made from the treasured piece of Nani Iro fabric (more on this next week) feasting on my latest fad of homemade pitta bread enjoying looking at the beautiful beetroot plants in the garden. Big girl has stopped asking me now when we're going to pick them and accepted that I grew them to look at ;-)

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