Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 - sewing for kids

OK, my guilt from the last post (thanks, by the way, for your lovely comments) is somewhat diluted when I look at the montage below, as I have clearly not just kept myself clothed but the kids too. I really love sewing for kids. Even when they don't particularly take to the finished item. They're small, don't take much fabric and it kinda doesn't matter if they're not finished perfectly, which appeals to the side of me that enjoys some instant gratification sewing. I'd urge you to try it if you're thinking about it.

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In other goings-on, over the holidays my laptop and my iphone both died - can you believe it?! Which forces me to live with communications in a different way, at least for now, forces me to adapt. Thank goodness I was able to salvage all of my photos from the laptop before it drew it's last breath. The same can't be said for all the phone numbers on the iphone, but really, the world's not going to end, is it. In some ways it's all a bit freeing, not being such a slave to the ibeasts! Ah, I'm sure I'll get over it and be desperate to tech up again soon ;-)

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  1. Yeah, if my computer and phone died, I'm pretty sure I would wither away to nothing. I lost my Google connection for a while this past year, and it was like losing a frickin' limb. I couldn't log on to my email, I couldn't use blogger, my blog was deleted. It was, in fact, the end of the world!! Not. Freeing. But I totally respect less tech-dependent folks, I'm just not one myself.


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