Thursday, October 4, 2012

Burdastyle Sewing Handbook bag

This week I finally tried my first project from the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook that I received for my birthday back in May, the bag.
I'd worn out my current bag to the point where I was getting embarrassed to take it out, so a new one was in order. Wandering around Spotlight looking for fabric inspiration I spotted a silver vinyl in the upholstery section. I wasn't sure if it was interesting and a bit of fun or just plain tacky, but I didn't want to go with a plain fabric and just needed something, so off I went with half a metre of it.
I really enjoyed making this bag. The pattern instructions were straightforward and I thought the pattern was well designed. And the vinyl was actually fantastic to sew with. I thought it might be a bit challenging as obviously it can't be ironed but it was great - pliable but not slippery, able to be pinned (!) and my lovely old machine sewed like a dream with an ordinary needle and foot. 
The only thing I changed about the pattern was to add inside pockets and a magnetic snap closure. For the lining I used an Ikea cotton from my stash.
When I'd finished I still wondered about the vinyl, so I asked the Mr what he thought (can you see what's coming here?). Looking sideways, he said that maybe he wasn't the right person to ask... hmm. So I'm thinking this might be one of those 'blinkered' sewing projects - you know the ones where you suspect it's not quite right BUT you:
1. are so thrilled to have finished the pattern,
2. feel a bit pleased with yourself that you have something new
3. are excited to have learnt some new skills and
4. feel chuffed that you have spent such a small amount of cash on it too
So you go with it anyway.
But hey, that's OK. I'm so happy to have a bag that is not stained, fraying and faded, one where I can find my keys easily (LOVE the elasticised side pockets - no more swearing when I can't find my keys ;-). And those straps - so comfy on my shoulder...
Tacky silver bag, I love you x

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  1. Hey Jo, I think your bag looks fab.........
    You did a great job, it looks very professional and therefore definitely not tacky....well that's my opinion anyhoo...
    Very tactful Mr. you have too....

  2. Nope not tacky at all.. I love it!! I think the style of the bag looks great in silver! Yes I have given up asking my Mr. about that sort of stuff... ha ha ha!

  3. I love it! I've wanted a silver bag for awhile and never thought making one could turn out this good! I would definitely take yours. :) Great job!

  4. Oh my! It looks wonderful! I'm tempted to buy the book just because of your bag.

  5. HI Jo, I have the same book! Never thought I would ever make anything from it though as they all look too complicated. Now, you have changed my mind. You definitely did a great job with your take on the bag. ;)

  6. It's awesome! A bit camp perhaps, but definitely not tacky! I think you just have to own it. ;-)


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