Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pattern love: Deer & Doe's Robe Belladone

I have a new pattern that I'm totally smitten with, the Belladone dress from French indie design company Deer and Doe.

I'd been looking for a nice dress pattern for an event we have on in November but hadn't found anything just right... I thought about the Sewaholic Cambie and also the Colette Peony, but they were just not quite right. But when I came across a pic of the Belladone on Pinterest I was sold - lovely simple design but with the special touch of that gorgeous back detail. I went on a quest to find the pattern and when I found it was French I wasn't deterred, even though I don't speak French... I figured it would be ok, and if not I could ask my lovely French friend Fanette to help me ;-). Incidentally, the patterns are due to be released in English in future, but I couldn't wait of course!

So I sent off for the pattern and was thrilled with both the speed of Eleonore's response to my email and then the post speed from France - 5 days! Amazing!

Deer and Doe's pattern line seems to have been launched only recently (by a 25 year old, no less. Wow, I think I was still trying to just put one foot in front of another at 25!). There's the Deer & Doe blog, and also a great blog called Deer & Doe addicts here where examples of the patterns can be found, and I have been stalking, of course ;-). But my favourite favourite example, and the one that made me go and buy the pattern, is this one. Just gorgeous. (Please go have a look if you're interested, I'd love to post pics but don't feel it's right to do it without permission).

I've now gone through the instructions with the help of Google Translate, traced the pattern, bought a zipper foot for my machine (can't believe I struggled on this long without one!) and am about to make a muslin. Then it will be a cafefully chosen fabric probably from The Fabric Store. So I'm hoping this dress has the makings of a favourite. Hopefully!

Do you have a favourite pattern waiting in the wings to be made? Do you fall in love with patterns like I do? Buy them in foreign languages from countries on the other side of the world? Sounds crazy putting it like that. Oh well!

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  1. Looking at this through my fingers as I definitely don't need any new patterns till I've made the ones I have, they do look cute though :-)


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