Sunday, October 7, 2012

School holiday highlights

School holidays are kind of irrelevant in that period of your life after after you leave school yourself and before you have school-aged children (should that be the road you go down), don't you think? For me these days they are pretty important. They punctuate the year and give our family life structure, but they're also a time to reconnect with each other and enjoy letting the routine relax.

Some of the highlights for me this holidays have been:

Enjoying some cooking (the strawberries this spring - amazing) - - - a bit of sewing and having time to flick through a favourite magazine - - - catching up with several lovely friends and their families, including a super-crafty one - just look at those amazing crocheted cats! They're cuddling :-) And there are more too, a whole family!

And also, having the Mr home for a week and going away for a few days to a lovely cottage in the bush... watching the kids enjoy nature...

enjoying little still lifes at every turn, both in our little cottage...

and outside...

and adoring all the native flowers, collecting little posies on our walks, destined for our dinner table. And finding creative inspiration everwhere...

- - - -

As it's KCWC this coming week I'm hoping to stop in here most days this week to keep me inspired to keep sewing... see you soon.


  1. How wonderful to escape to the country...looks like you guys had a fab school holidays... great photos :)

  2. I am looking forward to seeing what you sew. I really liked your bag too. It would make me smile every time I picked it up.

  3. My mum crochet's those cats - or ones very, very similar! I think everyone in the family and all her friends have received one. She even made a few for the Mirabel Foundation last year. I think she's obsessed!


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