Thursday, October 25, 2012

Screen printed coffee beans

In my creative space this week I've been screen printing using my coffee design.

It's the first time I've printed a large piece of fabric and I found it fun to wander my way around the fabric first placing the group head in circular patterns and then randomly adding the coffee beans over the top. Every time I do some printing I remember how much I love it and how therapeutic it is. It's a shame there's not more time for it.

This is an old cotton linen table cloth that wasn't getting much use, so I thought I'd print it and make it into a couple of new covers for our kitchen bench seating (hopefully show you when they're done).

I'm joining in with the 'my creative space' fun again this week. Pop over here to check out some fantastic crafty goodness.


  1. It looks excellent and will look great as bench seat covers! Yes screen printing is very therapeutic... probably why I'm addicted :)

  2. beautiful way to tie in love for coffee and sewing and making!

  3. how cool are you!

    I love these little beans.

  4. Very useful information, thanks for your generosity. More power to you!


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