Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cowl neck top

I'm obviously in the cowl neck theme lately, as along with my little girls dress (in the last post) I also recently made myself a cowl neck top. Though I'm still wondering if I should call it a 'skivvy' :-) Somehow cowl neck sounds more up to date. Which is funny really as even though I have admired cowl necks over the years, I've always felt they were a bit too boring or, dare I say it 'middle-aged' for me... but now that I am hurtling towards that age myself (or am in it already), somehow that feeling has gone.

OK, the details... I was thinking about buying the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern, which looked pretty much what I wanted, but then I gave myself a bit of a talking to about buying patterns, particularly expensive ones from the other side of the world, simple in design. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for supporting indie pattern designers (and felt Sewaholic's Minoru pattern was worth every cent), but this one I thought I should at least try to tackle myself.
So I got out my trusty self-drafted t-shirt pattern and made a few alterations. The cowl is basically just a long tube of fabric attached to the neckline that drapes down (see pic left, above). I had intended to make the cowl quite a bit bigger but this is how it ended up (mental note for next time to make the neckline wider and the tube bigger).

The fabric is a remnant of merino wool knit (very fine knitted grey and black stripes) that I bought at The Fabric Store. I had ear marked it for some warm tops for little boy, but ended up pinching it myself ;-) It is super warm but lightweight and layers with other garments really well, which is what you want for chilly morning walks to school etc. And because of the cowl neck no scarf is needed (though I do love my scarves).

As today is Thursday, there are lots of goodies to check out over at our creative spaces... go check them out ;-)


  1. Great outfit. V fashionable (and not middle-agey at all!)

  2. That is definately not a "skivvy" and you certainly don't look like one of the wiggles :)
    It looks really cool (or should I say warm!) perfect for winter :)

  3. I love cowl necks and it had never occurred to me that they are "middle-aged"! Hmmmmm. I'm totally impressed that you drafted this yourself - it looks awesome! And super cozy for a cold day.

  4. i love your cowl! i have the renfrew and will get to the cowl version some day... like when it's not 100~!


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