Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Little flower stamped gift tags

I've always disliked wrapping gifts and writing cards. Which seems kind of strange for a graphic designer. I think part of it is that I find it hard to get the damned paper wrapped neatly around the gift (square edges, neat creases etc). But it recently dawned on me that when I make the wrapping/card myself I really enjoy it. So maybe it's just that the store bought stuff feels mass produced and impersonal (which it is, as it has to be, of course) and just well, not me.
 I was making a card for a little friend when I had this thought. I used some of my existing hand carved stamps and trusty versa stamp pads...
 And was inspired by this little still life that I keep on a shelf in the kitchen (above).
And thoroughly enjoyed making some more little cards and wrapping paper, matching them with string, ribbon and envelopes.

So next time I have a gift to give I'm going to try to remember to design the presentation myself. I'm sure it shows when you enjoy what you've done, don't you?

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  1. I totally agree 100%! I never like whats in the shops and it takes too much time to find something! I much prefer to make my own... it's much more fun, personal and it's a hell of a lot cheaper too :)

    Your cards look so sweet... love those colours!

  2. I love your cards - simple but so effective!

  3. I totally agree ~ I love wrapping things!

  4. It looks very pretty, and I love the color combo :)

  5. Hey Jo, the cards look so sweet.
    A simple but effective design and the colours are perfect.
    Love your still life too...

    Claire :}


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