Thursday, June 14, 2012

My creative space: little caps

Lately we've had quite cold weather (for Sydney) and it seems to have brought out the mother hen in me. When I rugged up the kids to take them out recently and didn't have a hat for my boy I remembered this pattern from my stash that I'd made up when he was younger (one seen here) and decided to give it another whirl.

This time I used a nice cozy medium weight grey wool for the outside and a thrifted piece of yellow linen for the inside. Then, as it was looking a little sparse I added a little piece of sriped grosgrain ribbon I've been hoarding. You know when you buy something on a whim then fall in love with it and ration it in a crazy hope that it will never run out? That's how I felt about this ribbon. It just adds a little something to the cap to finish it off, a cute little detail.

Little champ that he is, my boy took to it straight away "Is that my hat mama? Do you make it for me?" and wore it for most of the day, which of course made me pretty happy :-) When little girl saw it she told him how cute he looked in his "train driver hat" and promptly asked me for one "the same fabric but with a butterfly on it please mama". I was amazed but very pleased that she liked the grey flannel! Yippee, I didn't have to do pink on pink for a change!
So that evening was spent making a slightly larger sized cap, lined with pink cotton (didn't get that far away from it!) and embellished with a felt butterfly that I cut out free form and embroidered onto the brim with thread creating the body and feelers.

 She suitably chuffed the next morning. And I guess you can see what was coming next...

 Yes, one last one for my big girl "with a flower please mama". This one sized up at 105% to fit her almost adult sized head, and embellished with a stylised flower in ribbon and button when the intended felt was just not working.

So after 3 evenings of cap sewing I'm pretty over that pattern for now! But at least I know my little munchkins have warm heads... or the potential to have warm heads, as it might be ;-)

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  1. oh, my word! those are adorable!!!

  2. Gee thanks Beth! This has been the most fun sewing project in a while :-)

  3. How lovely for you that the hats were such a hit. I really like them and think that you did a great job.

  4. Oh these are so beautiful!! My favorite details. . . the yellow linen lining against the grey wool flannel (great color combo!), and the so-sweet felt butterfly. And how seriously fun that they all three have "matching" (and yet unique) hats! I sense a photo opportunity:)

  5. Gorgeous Jo! Can you make me one too please? Same fabric, but with a yellow star on it ;)

  6. Wow, they're lovely! Makes me think I should break out the pattern myself - I bought ages ago for my Kinderboy but have never used it. I hadn't thought about enlarging it, but I'd also have to make multiple copies, so thanks for the inspiration.

  7. These are adorable! I love that pattern. I'm totally adding that to my to-buy list. I love the gray flannel with little special details too - so classic.

  8. Absolutely adorable!!! I love all 3 versions, understated, simple, perfect

  9. Like everyone else... I have to say they are totally adorable too! I love the individual touches you made for each of them :)


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