Monday, June 4, 2012

A swap and a community

I've just signed up to do round 2 of the Hand Printed Fabric Swap, organised by the lovely Leslie, and couldn't be happier. To be honest though I nearly didn't do it as I wasn't sure I could find the time (I've been busy with another little project - tell you all about it soon ;-). But then just as the deadline approached suddenly I really wanted to be part of it. And within a matter of hours of Leslie emailing me my group details I got a lovely message from one of my swap buddies, Kate. It made my day and reminded me that apart from giving me a kick up the backside to try something a little different, the nice thing about joining a swap is getting to know some new-to-me talented crafters.

When people ask me why I keep a blog, and they sometimes do, I struggle to put into words just what I love about it. But really it's simple - the wonderful sense of community that comes from sharing with others, picking up loads of inspiration along the way, not to mention the confidence that all the lovely comments give me. It can be a bit of a solitary life at times being a SAHM and this community enriches my life.

So thank you Leslie, Kate, my other swap buddies, and you for reading this! Hope you have a good start to your week.

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