Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Little cloud pillow

My little boy has a few friends in the way you do when you're 2 (make that almost 3 - boo hoo!). That is, a few littlies who he kind of shares toys with a bit and sees around largely because I like their mums (or dads). I'm glad he has them - it makes him feel like he's not just following around after his big sisters all the time but has his own little crew ;-)
As it was the birthday party of one of the buddies on the weekend and I wanted to make the sweet little girl in question something special. I'd just borrowed Fiona Dalton's fabulous book "Hop skip jump, 20 eco-friendly toys to sew" from the local library again (must buy a copy) and this little project jumped out at me... cute, quick and fun.
 It's a cute little pillow with front in soft white flannel with an embroidered face.
And the back I did in a cute pink/red striped cotton. Stuffed softly it looks like a good bedtime buddy to me...
And to my boy, by the look of this pic ;-) Lets hope it has the same effect on our little friend!

PS. No, I didn't dress my son up in a pink t-shirt for the photo shoot (though that is certainly not beyond me, hee hee). As I mentioned recently, his lack of appropriate sized clothing means that his big sister's clothes get called in occasionally, in this case as a pyjama top. Oh well, he's a well-adjusted modern man (this boy frequently runs around in a tutu (mama-made of course), much to my delight :-). He can send me the therapy bills later...


  1. What a cute little cloud! I just added the book to my holds list at the library. And he's totally rocking the pink top. Love it!

  2. he is such a cutie! I love these pics. Good on you for giving a hand/self made pressie, I'm sure it will be loved :)

  3. That is such a gorgeous little cloud and a great gift! Nothign wrong with a bit of pink on a little bloke I say :)


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