Thursday, June 7, 2012

My creative space this morning

There were scenes of sheer delight mixed with contentment over here at casa bubala this morning, fueled by a morning to myself to create and probably an excess of caffeine ;-) A friend (another SAHM with 3 littlies the same age as mine) and I have started a 'little boy swap' now and then when we can, where one of us has both of them and the other kids are at school/preschool. They love it, we love it - excellent! That's not to say I don't love being with my boy but I had intended to use my morning for screen printing and I find that small children and screen printing definitely do not mix!

 So this was literally my creative space this morning. I'm always happy when I have my sketch books out, and my old set of Derwents actually got to see the light of day, too, which doesn't happen often. Happy happy.

Mixing inks in the daylight - so much better than late at night.

And enjoying the actual process. Having a specific project in mind helped me stay focussed ("do NOT go and put a load of washing on, repeat: do NOT! Time is precious").


AND I discovered this great mag when I went to have my quiet sit in a cafe to start the morning - can't wait to devour it.

Hoping you had a creative day too. More goodies to see over here


  1. what fun! Well done to stay focussed on the creative stuff and not the washing!

  2. I always wanted one of those mega sets of Derwents...drool! My sister in law and I do the same thing, but we call it '2 babies, no baby'!

  3. good for you! i traded kids for alone time with a friend for more than 5 years! it was so important to have time to myself. now our kids are the best of friends and we still pinch hit for each other a lot. today we are going cherry picking together! enjoy your time!

  4. Ooooo how exciting.. nothing like a bit of screen printing hey :)

    I love my old Derwents too.. I've had mine for nearly 30 years...OMG I just calculated that! Yikes! Unfortunately the metal box got terribly crushed and the now they live in a plastic box... not really fitting for lovely Derwents :(

    So good you got some time to do some screen printing :)

  5. I think everyone needs to have a 'little boy swap' organised to give them a big of personal time. Looks like you spent it very wisely!

  6. peppermint is ace- enjoy. and what a great idea- the kid swap. looks like a great morning screen printing. :)sarah

  7. Love the colour ... I wonder what it will be ...

  8. what a lovely morning. . . I had one like that earlier this week and was so overwhelmed by the freedom I almost couldn't focus! So eager to see what your screen-printing morning produced!


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