Friday, July 16, 2010

Arty crafty day

What to do with a 5 year old who wants to 'make stuff' (hmm, wonder where she gets that from ;-) ? We tried knitting and hey, what are a few dropped stitches amongst friends, but between my lack of knitting skills and impatience and her little hands and impatience it wasn't working so well...

Enter the knitting nancy (aka french knitting). That worked pretty well...

But for a bit of instant gratification pom poms hit the spot. I'd dithered over doing these because of the whole cutting out cardboard circles thing, but then I saw this post about winding the wool around your fingers and it sounded a lot easier.

Little fingers still found it a bit tricky so we wound the wool around a kitchen gadget and that worked. Of course the final step of giving it a haircut has proven to be the favourite part.

Today I also took her to a kids painting class with the local artist in residence. We both found it fun, and the littlies complied by sleeping and not creating too much havoc, thank goodness. The techniques the kids learnt made me want to try them and as I've been feeling like painting lately I'll have to try them out... one of these days!

Have a lovely weekend.

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