Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekend inspiration no. 3

Another inspiring part of our few days away was a visit to my friend Deb's house for a playdate. Everyone's a winner in this arrangement - the kids get to play and the mums get to talk craft, drink great coffee and eat the latest cooking adventures (in this case yummy caramel slice).

We'd been talking about patterns for boys clothes and Deb pulled out these trousers that she'd made for her littlie from an Ottobre 'frog pants' pattern. As her boy's outgrown them she wondered if I'd like them for bub. Yes please. I am in awe at the crafts(wo)manship in them. They are absolutely perfect, with all sorts of openings, fastenings and bits and pieces. And cute fabric too. Just to back up my view of them, my little girl grabbed them and tried them on as soon as we got home, declaring them too big for the baby, so she'd have to look after them in the meantime!

Crafty Deb also generously gave me some freezer paper for stenciling and inspired me by showing me a project she was working on as a new baby present. So now my project list on the right there grows again :-) To add to my long list of craft project awe, she also suggested several kids holiday craft ideas (my own attempts being feeble so far). 'Does she have a blog?' I hear you say 'and where does she record all of this crafting activity and kids fun?'. 'Not yet' and 'in her head' would be the answers. One nice thing I've personally found about having a blog is the cataloging that now happens outside of my head - very satisfying in a virgo-esque way.

- - - - - - - - -

In other news, I excitedly received the beautiful book below in the post today. I've got to credit Crafty Deb again for her part in this - ages ago she put me on to Booko. Have you used it? It's a site that compares prices of books and DVDs for sale online.

This book happened to be cheapest at The Book Depository in the UK, who I've purchased from before and found to have excellent service. Postage was free and the price was less than half of that I spotted in a big chain bookshop recently. Just over a week after I ordered it the postie rang my doorbell and here it is! Can't ask for much more than that. Incidentally, The Book Depository are having a 'spread the love' promo where you can get 10% off if I recommend them. So if this interests you send me a quick email and I'll contact them.

Inspiration, inspiration...

I may just knock a thing or two off my project list with this book inspiring me on!

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