Friday, July 30, 2010


Lately I seem to see handmade objects everywhere I go. I knew handmade was getting incredibly popular but it's amazing me just how extensive it's getting. It's fantastic and very encouraging to see.

I visited a fantastic new local gallery shop yesterday called Sweets Workshop. They stock fantastic affordable art and decorative objects. I fell in love with pretty much everything there and vowed to look there next time I need a present for someone (hmm, wonder if I could include myself in that ;-) instead of shopping at a big chain store. On their website they say "As designers, our dream is quite simple: to have a space that allows us the freedom to be creative and support fellow independent artists and designers".Link

I bought a copy of Mixtape whilst there. I'd heard of this craft zine but had never had a copy (Chiara, I'm sure you must have this!). It hasn't disappointed me - it is beautifully designed (this is very important in my opinion), it's packed with interesting stuff including tutorials and interviews and is very inspiring. I'll be looking out for it in future, and apparently they have a kids issue (aimed at parents and carers) in the pipeline.

It also seems like lately everywhere I look there are articles about the backlash to consumerism and waste (she says, having just drooled over a shop full of things).

I've felt uncomfortable about all the waste we generate for a while now, so I'm going to try to make a big effort to ask myself if I really need something that I'm considering buying or acquiring. Today I had planned to go and buy some fabric and supplies for a couple of projects I have in mind, but instead I thought I'd make an effort to look in my stash first to see if I could make do... and I found things that will be perfect with a little compromise. Of course we still have to buy stuff (I feel like a permanent resident of the local supermarket), and it's not always going to be possible to compromise or say no, but I guess every bit helps and it works towards changing habits. And stores like Sweets Workshop and The Trading Circle are obviously great options.

I read an interesting blog post recently where the writer said that when she wants to buy something new she asks herself to imagine that landfill doesn't exist and she must get rid of everything she wants to throw out in her own backyard. This helps her to make the decision. Hmm, an interesting thought!

Have a lovely weekend.

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