Monday, July 5, 2010

Rusty stitches

On the weekend I introduced my big girl to the joys of fabric shopping. We went to my favourite fabric shop The Remnant Warehouse and she got to choose the colour of the fleece that I intend to make her new jacket in. To personalise the jacket I thought I'd line the hood with a patterned fabric. She chose this great Amy Butler flannel print Paradise Garden. I was happy with her selection and proud of the fact that she put the colours together so well. The print is so lovely I thought I might try to bind the edges of the jacket in it too. It seems like a shame to save it just for the hood lining. Now to actually make the jacket... I'll keep you posted.

On the way home I'd promised we would stop at a cafe for a hot chocolate. We stumbled upon this great place in Newtown called A Coffee and a Yarn. A cross between a cafe and a knitting shop, the atmosphere was really welcoming and a relief from the cold outside. Inside people were chatting, drinking coffee and many were knitting. Around the walls were balls of beautiful Australian merino wools for sale and inspiring knits everywhere.

Hanging in the window were some gorgeous knitted beanies, including a cute baby sized strawberry design a bit like this. It's a shame I couldn't get a decent picture.

The hot chocolate was lovely but the best bit was that on each table they had a tin box with several pieces of knitting started and a sign saying something like "please feel free to knit a row". My big girl was very excited by this and asked if we could do it. I dusted off my memory and started the row, then showed her how to do it and guided her through a few stitches. She was very pleased with herself and satisfied that she'd now officially tried knitting. I certainly was rusty as my row looked different to the previous rows, so who knows what I did!

Anyway, it was fun and almost made me think about trying to knit again after my very small attempt many years ago. But... with so many sewing projects in my head and on the go I think I'll leave it again. Maybe next year!

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