Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Natural inspiration

The kids and I visited the Botanic Gardens in the city yesterday as a school holiday excursion, and I was struck by the absolute beauty of some of the plants. I'd forgotten that each time I've visited I feel this way, and it occurred to me that for an artist, nature can hold so much inspiration. Some of my most favourite plants and flowers are Australian natives, including the flowering gum (pictured above), along with Kangaroo Paws, Flannel Flowers and Waratahs. I thought I'd show you the design of one of my favourite little purses (and I'm lucky enough to have the satchel bag to match) by the very talented Australian textile designer Nicola Cerini. It features a waratah design printed onto silk:

There are many other Australian textile designers inspired by Australian native flora (and fauna), as I come across them in future I think I'll post on them to show you.

Another lovely flower, set in front of beautiful blue grey stone.

And a section from the wonderful sculptural cactus garden (obviously not native).

The kids found a huge old Morton Bay Fig with a hole in the base of the trunk large enough to play in. I think they imagined they were characters in the Enid Blyton classic book The Faraway Tree that we've been reading each night.

What makes this fig even more special is the view of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House from the front (can you see them through the winter mist?).

The kids didn't care so much about the view though. There were lots of things to forage around for amongst the impressive roots of the fig, looking for grubs and bugs to put in their new bug viewer. We all found inspiration in our own ways!

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