Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weekend inspiration no. 2

Another highlight of our few days away was a short visit to the kids' grandfather's farm. With the weather cold and misty and the only real sounds those of the sheep bleating, there was plenty of atmosphere. Once I got out my camera I couldn't put it away. There were the rough, graphic wool bale stencils in the shearing shed (above)

the soft light coming in through doorways, gaps and cracks,

and the raw materials, graphic shapes and almost eerie stillness everywhere.

And outside, these lovely, curious, noisy creatures watching us, their plush woolly coats shielding them from the cold, a moment later running fast circles around our car, delighting the kids.

When I saw them lining up like this a scene from one of my favourite films 'Babe' came to mind ... bah ram ewe, bah ram ewe!!!

A very Australian scene...

and another.

And as fascinating as always to me: the little details of ordinary things. Weeds, rocks and lichen make interesting subjects. The macro function on my camera comes in handy yet again in letting me capture them.


Then on the drive home we stopped at an organic shop for hot chocolate and on the road again we entertained ourselves by spotting the soft toys tied to the eucalyptus trees on the side of the road (no pic I'm afraid): I had no idea about the interesting Pooh bear's corner. A nice little trip, far from our ordinary lives.

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  1. I love the shearing shed at my parents abd the wood and corrugated iron, always such fun to go on a farm visit.


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