Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kids stuff

I saw a set of these childrens size Panton chairs in an ABC shop recently and instantly fell in love with them again. The shop had them around a white circular table, for children to sit and look at the books. As soon as my little girl saw them she squirmed her way out of the stroller and went over to sit in one. Maybe she will share her mother's love of beautiful chairs! I've loved the 1960's design classic Panton chairs since a company I worked for had a set of them. And they are even more adorable in the Junior size. So when we eventually move to a bigger house I will be lobbying hard to get a set of these, and I think I will have a little supporter!

At the ABC shop I bought a copy of Justine Clarke's second CD "Songs to make you smile". We've got her first one and never tire of it. Then recently we heard a couple of songs on the ABC Kids iphone app and loved them (the marketing got us!). They're really happy, lovely songs, and they do make me (and the kids :-) smile. I understand she's about to tour with her latest... might have to check it out.

And this week I posted off a custom order to a lovely customer (thank you Liz!). I really enjoy making things that I know are going to babies and children all over the country and sometime the world. This blanket and toy set is soft and cuddly and I love to think of the newborn baby receiving it. Also, Etsy and Madeit customers are always so friendly and nice to deal with. There seems to be something about handmade items that brings out the best in people. Maybe it's knowing that the craftsperson has enjoyed making it, rather than a machine or a person being exploited. More human I guess.

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