Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ikea fabric love - no 3.

Just when I think I have an all-time favourite Ikea fabric another one comes along... I've made only bags out of this so far, but I'm thinking it would also make a great a great A-line skirt, a cuff (of course!) and maybe a cushion cover.

(below & above) A sort of overnight sized bag. Made to take my stuff to hospital when I went into labour with bub. Simple shoulder strap design with zip closure, lined in green cotton.

(below) The first baby bag I made. Lined with dark grey heavy cotton, and using recycled clips, buckle & zips. The fabric started to fade quite quickly with all that strong Australian sunlight from many hours spent in the park, so it's now on restricted use! (it's my favourite)

And a little zip purse lined with red light weight cotton and adorned with a ringed zip and little grosgrain tag.

The fabric
Heavy weight 100% cotton. It's another one from the "Gunilla" collection. The black background with bright flowers is so attractive to me... then add a bird or two and it's just perfect :-)


  1. I have some of this fabric. I love it so much I can't commit to making anything from it. lol

  2. Yep, that's the problem with great fabric. You agonise for ages then that first cut almost hurts! Keep patient Crafty Deb, the right project will appear one day!

  3. hiya, i've just "found" you via innerpickle. i am an ikea fabric loving vegetarian with hubby and 2 small people, both at school this year, who likes to sew and knit. this fabric is one of my favs too, it's on a favourite chair, and as 2 long cushions on our (ikea) lounge.


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